KIMKRIS Beauty is the first and only brand to introduce HMB and 2-HOBA to the skincare market. HMB and 2HOBA are patented and FDA approved potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients founded by scientists from around the world and research teams at Vanderbilt University and Iowa State University. We worked closely with these industry leaders to formulate effective and safe beauty products.

We are here to enhance your confidence through innovative skincare and Slow Beauty Philosophy. Each formula works harmoniously together to protect and restore the skin barrier and slow the signs of aging. Upgrade your skincare routine with our solution-oriented products that bring science based ingredients with natural healing superfoods. Enjoy a healthy complexion and watch your skin gradually transform.



Slow Beauty
KIMKRIS Beauty’s philosophy is driven by revolutionary science and slow beauty. A wholesome lifestyle takes a holistic approach - it is a balance of nutrition, exercise, and stress management which is the modern multidisciplinary method to healthy aging.


The journey to having good skin doesn't need to be a new experience. KIMKRIS Beauty's products are made with the Slow Beauty Philosophy in mind, which is to prioritize high quality ingredients, sharing effective skin care techniques and mindful routines to improve your life as a whole. Not just skin.


As professionals in healthcare, the founders worked with world-renowned scientists and physicians that discovered HMB & 2HOBA. These proprietary ingredients harness powerful repairing and rejuvenating benefits. KIMKRIS Beauty is paving the way of slow beauty with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory skincare and its unique combination of science and admiration for natural beauty.


KIMKRIS Beauty blends the founder’s passion for K-beauty, wellness, and science to develop products made to embrace the true beauty of aging, consciously and gracefully. Make a daily commitment to your best self with our products. KIMKRIS Beauty empowers you to radiate confidence that goes beyond skin deep.